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This is an adult site but there is NO PORN HERE!

If you are under 45 years old go ask mommy for permission to look at this site.

This site is best viewed with Opera or Firefox.  Since IE, and Microsoft, do not tend to care about standards I do not go to any trouble with compatability.  As much as possible I try to follow the W3C standards so hopefully this site will be functional under your browser.  If you have scripts disabled (a good idea) please enable for this site so you can use the page buttons, etc.

This is not a site about swearing per se but I needed to start somewhere.  I need to work this page into something a little better but for now this is what I have.

I am an adult and a dude who enjoyed the notoriety I received when, at the age of eight years, I learned to swear.

Actually, I imagine it was earlier but I seem to recall really getting a leg-up on the language front.  Thanks to George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV" and my older friends desire to share with me the wonderful album "George Carlin Class Clown" my vocabulary grew very suddenly.
I am sure he did not mean to, but my father assisted also.

I like the idea that if it exists in the language you might as well use it.  I do not believe in "bad" words.  Well, okay, "politician" is a bad word.  And "republican" especially bad.  And I have to admit to sometime calling people "lawyer" on occation but only when they really pissed me off.  Some words or phrases can be stupid like "upper-middle management."  Of course, the words are only bad by association with their meaings.

My family moved to Scarsdale, New York in 1967 where I spent my most formatable years. My last year in N.Y. was spent living in Queens and wandering all over Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

I tended to (and still do) gravitate toward the less PC aspects (not a phrase in our lexicon back then however) of life in N.Y.

Adult language and rude topics mixed easily with B.C. comics, hide-and-seek and Lost In Space.
Mad magazine often presented subtle links between childhood and adult topics and Monty Python's Flying Circus forced me to sneak out of bed at night after my parents caught a glimse of it and told me I was too young for that! Yeah, bite me.

I created this site to support the side of my personality which enjoys humor and adult topics.  Most of the material here was sent to me or found on the net.  Hopefully there will be some original content.  We'll see.

There are many things here which fall into the category euphemistically refered to as "family oriented" as well as that which could make one quite uncomfortable or maybe even a little frightened <insert evil laughter here>.
I will not have anything on this site which I find uncomfortable or frightening...but then I cannot at the moment think of anything that falls into that category. heh.

Fuck the FCC